No. First Generation About
1. Arnt Johan URKEDAL was born 1955 in Aalesund Arnt married Grete ANDREASSEN, daughter of Allan ANDREASSEN and Lilly Marie TOMREN on 21. Aug 1982 in Aalesund. Grete was born 20. Aug 1956.
No. Second Generation About
2. Arne Laurits URKEDAL was born 12. Nov 1919 in Grytestranda. He died 27. Dec 1992 in Aalesund and was buried 3. Jan 1993 in Valderøy Arne married Mina Ingeborg WATTØ on 11. Nov 1944 in Aalesund Church.
3. Mina Ingeborg WATTØ was born 22. Feb 1921 in Valderøy.
No. Third Generation About
4. Ole Severin Nilsen URKEDAL was born 27. Jan 1889 in Grytestranda. He died 22. Sep 1960 in Valderøy and was buried 27. Sep 1960 in Valderøy Cem.. Ole married Malla JANGAARD on 12. Oct 1913.
5. Malla JANGAARD was born 28. Aug 1890 in Aalesund. She died 14. Apr 1966 in Aalesund and was buried in Valderøy in Valderøy Cem
6. Peder WATTØ was born 99 Jan 1899 in Vattøya. He died 1961 and was buried in Valderøy Cem. He married Lina
7. Lina
No. Fourth Generation About
8. Nils Olaus Pedersen URKEDAL was born 1854. He died 1936. Nils married Marie Olsdatter LANGØY. Nils URKEDAL had the farm Pedergarden on Urkedal, Grytastranda, between 1878 and 1930.
9. Marie Olsdatter LANGØY was born 1858. She died 1946.
10. Arnt Mikal Farstad JANGAARD was born 26. Sep 1860 in Farstad, Lepsøy, Sunnmøre. He died 5. May 1917 in Valderøy and was buried in Giske Cem. Arnt married Johanne JANGAARD
11. Johanne JANGAARD was born 20. Nov 1863 in Valderøy. She died 27. Dec 1941 in Valderøy and was buried in Valderøy.
12. Peder Wattø's far
13. Peder Wattø's mor
14. Lina Wattøs far
15. Lina Wattø's mor
No. Fifth Generation About
16. Peder Karl Olsen VATNE was born about 1815. He died in 1885. Peder married Brit Nilsdatter URKEDAL. Peder was the first independent owner of the farm Pedergarden when he purchased it from the Frimann family in 1853.
17. Brit Nilsdatter URKEDAL was born about 1831 in Urkedal. She died in 1862.
20. Arne Johannes Lillefylling KASSNES was born 1817 in Engesetdalen, Skodje, Sunnmøre He married Mali Mikkelsdatter FARSTAD. As was the custom in Norway at that time, Arne Johannes took the last name Farstad when he married Mali Farstad and moved to the island of Lepsøy to take over the farm there.
21. Mali Mikkelsdatter FARSTAD was born 1824 in Farstad, Lepsøy, Sunnmøre
22. Kristian Nilsen JANGAARD was born 22. Sep 1826 in Nilsgarden, Giske, Sunnmøre. He died 31 Oct 1912 in Jangaard, Valderøy, Sunnmøre and was buried in Giske. Kristian married Synnøve JANGAARD. Kristian Giske Jangard, the patriarch of the Jangaard family, was a fishing skipper and ships pilot. He was born on the island of Giske, but adopted the last name Jangaard after having married Synnøve Jangaard and moved there. Kristian and Synnøve had the deed to the farm by this name in Valderøya.
23. Synnøve Jangaard was born 6. Apr 1842 in Valderøy. She died 5.Mar 1920 in Valderøy and was buried in Valderøy.
No. Sixth Generation About
34. Nils Kolbeinsen BOLSTAD was born 1802 in Stryn, Nordfjord. He died 1876. Nils married Helga Torsdatter.
35. Helga Torsdatter
40. Sjur Arnesen KASSNES was born 1794. He died 1835. Sjur married Siri Jørgensdatter FURE
41. Siri Jørgensdatter FURE was born about 1794 in Stryn, Nordfjord. She died 1835.
42. Mikal Eriksen FARSTAD Mikal married Helene Eriksdatter LØKEN
43. Helene Eriksdatter LØKEN
44. Nils Sjurson Røysa GISKE was born 1801 in Røysa, Hareid, Sunnmøre. He died 1877 in Giske, Sunnmøre. Nils married Marte Kristendatter GISKEGJÆRDE. Nils Røysa moved from his father's farm on the south side of Sula, across Aalesund, to the island of Giske to operate a farm there. As the custom was in those days, he took the last name Giske.
45. Marte Kristendatter GISKEGJÆRDE was born in 1791 in Giske. She died in 1850.
46. Ole Mikal JANGAARD was born 1811. He died 1897. Ole married Johanne Knutsdatter DIMMESUND in 1840.
47. Johanne Kntsdatter DIMMESUND was born in 1803 in Ulstein. She died 1891.
No. Seventh Generation About
80. Arne Sjursen Lillefylling KASSNES was born about 1745 in Sollid, Stryn, Nordfjord. He married Eli Johnsdatter
81. Eli Johnsdatter was born about 1758. She died in 1828.
88. Sjur Sjurson RØYSA was born in 1752. He married Anne Knutsdatter RØYSA. The farm Røis or Røysa is found on the southwest side of the island Sula across from Aalesund. Sjur could also have been known as Syver or Sivert. The name of the farm comes from the word røys; a heap or pile of stones fallen down from the steep mountainside above. The name Syver first appears on the farm in 1631-1670 when Syver Røysa was listed as being the operator of the farm. It was owned by the Giske Dynasty in 1626, but later there were several owners. There was also a Sjur Ivarson Nøre-Vartdal (1641-1719) on the neighboring farm of Sulebakken 1695-1714 and his son Ivar Sjurson was operator there between 1714 and 1755. On the neighboring farm Sulebust, Ivar Sjurson is listed as living on the farm in 1762. On Flesjesund (Sulesund) there was a Sjur Olson between 1626 and 1658 and his son Ola Sjurson between 1658 and 1690. It has not been established if any of these are related to Sjur Sjurson at Røysa, but it is quite likely that there is some connection.
89. Anne Knutsdatter RØYSA was born 1756
90. Kristen Pedersen GISKEGJERDE was born 1760 in Giske. He married Eli Knutsdatter GISKE
91. Eli Knutsdatter GISKE was born 1760. She died 1832.
92. Peder Hansen HUSØY was born 1767 in Husøy, Ona. He died 1848. Peder married Dortea Olsdatter GISKEGJERDE. Peder Hansen Husøy came from the island Husøy north of Aalesund. He married the widow Dorthea Jangaard after Knut was lost at sea in 1803
93. Dortea Olsdatter GISKEGJERDE was born 1772.
94. Knut Olson EID was born 1768 in Eid, Nordfjord. He died 1860. Knut married Marie TORGEIRSDATTER.
95. Marie TORGEIRSDATTER was born 1769 in Nordfjord. She died 1849.
No. Eight Generation About
176. Sjur
178. Knud Olsen RØYSA was born 1733. He died 1791. Knud married Anne PEDERSDATTER. Knud took over the farm Røysa, 2 from his father Ola. In the census for 1762 it says that “Ole Nilsen is in the house with his son Knut Olsen”. Knud was part owner of a sloop at Flesjesund (Sulesund), a farm nearby. As mentioned below, Knud made a contract with the neighbor Syver Syverson Røysa for him to take over the farm. In return, Syver was to give “kaar” to Knud; i.e to house and feed him and his wife Anne on his olden days. The contract called for 2 t. grain a year for one cow and two sheep or goats.
179. Anne PEDERSDATTER died 1791.
184. Hans Nilsen HUSØY was born 1720 in HUSØY, Ona, Romsdal. He died 1802. Hans married Synnøve SIMONSDATTER.
185. Synnøve SIMONSDATTER was born 1727.
186. Ola Gulliksen GISKE was born 1739. He died 1801 in Giske. Ola married Anne MIKKELSDATTER. Ola Gulliksen Giske leased and cleared farm no. 1 at Giskegjærde which later was given the name Lanagarden.
187. Anne MIKKELSDATTER was born 1750.
No. Ninth Generation About
356. Ola Nilsen RØYSA Ola married Ingeborg Olsdotter SULØYDEGARD.
357. Ingeborg Olsdotter SULØYDEGARD.
372. Gullik Hansen Larsgaard GISKE was born 1702. He died 1779. Gullik married Dorte Olsdatter MASDAL. Gullik Hansen Larsgaard (1702-1779) from the Larsgaard on Giskeøygar (on the island of Giske just outside Aalesund and next to Valderøy). This farm (Larsgaard) was leased by Lars Sønderland in 1732. In the same year Gullik Hansen leased the Gullik Farm (Gullikgarden) on Giske ( 22)
373. Dorte Olsdatter MASDAL was born 1706.