I. Descendants of
Peter Mikal Jangaard (1861-1922) and
Anne Olsdatter Valderhaug (1858-1937)

1. Peter Mikal1 Jangaard, born 9 Sep 1861 in Valderøy; died 2 Oct 1922 in Aalesund; buried in Nedre Gravlund, Aalesund. He married on 30 May 1887 in Valderøy, Anne Olsdatter Valderhaug, born 6 Apr 1858 in Valderöy; died 20 Jun 1937 in Aalesund, daughter of Ole Knudsen Lille­Nørve and Karoline Eliasdatter Valderhaug.

Notes for Peter Mikal Jangaard

Peter Mikal Jangaard moved to Aalesund at a young age. When he was only 19 years old he built a combined pilot­ and fishing vessel called "Rasmus Rønneberg" . About 1890, he and the the well­known skipper Britanus Berntsen built the fishing smack "Liv". At that time this was a very large fishing vessel and could be used on offshore fishing grounds. They started a successful fishery for herring using drift nets, and within a short time, many other vessels had converted to this type of gear. Together with Capt. Berntsen, Peter Jangaard built the steam powered fishing vessel "Fri" in 1901, and in 1908 the modern steam fishing vessel "Borgund" which he owned until his death in 1922. In the great Aalesund fire in 1904 when a large part of the town burned, the "Liv" caught fire and burned and their home in "Skaret" was also destroyed. The "Fri" was used to evacuate the family and many others to Valderøy where the children lived with Hans or Arnt on Jangarden for some time. Peter Jangaard was often used by the Department of Fisheries as skipper on reseach vessels on experimental fishing cruises under Professor Johan Hjort. He was one of the founders of the Aalesund Fishermens Organization and the Aalesund Skippers Association. In 1908 he was member of the jury of the first Norwegian Fisheries Exhibition in Trondheim, and was in 1915 appointed member of the Customs Revision Committee. He was a member of the Aalesund Town Council representing the Liberal party, and in 1918 a candidate for the Norwegian Parliament. He died in 1922 during an appendix operation, only 61 years old.

Children of Peter Mikal1 Jangaard and Anne Olsdatter Valderhaug were as follows:

2 i Kristian Oluf2 Jangaard, born 9 May 1887 in Aalesund; died 18 Apr 1905 in Aalesund; buried in Nedre Gravlund, Aalesund. Kristian Jangaard was very talented; he could draw and played the violin. Unfortunately he was born with a crippling back condition and died at age seventeen.

3 ii Ole Mikal2 Jangaard, born 23 Sep 1889 in Aalesund; died 8 Dec 1974 in Aalesund. Ole Jangaard formed the fish exporting company Brødrene Jangaard with his brother Nils in 1931, and they were also manufacturers agents for a number of well­known brands. When Nils Jangaard was out of the country during the German occupation, Ole and his sister Anne maintained the company. They also had a small tobacco and candy store in Kongens Gate in the center of Aalesund. Every day at a certain time a group of their friends would gather for a chat and hear the latest news from London. Since all radios were confiscated by the Germans, having a radio and listening to London was punishable by long stays in German concentration camps if caught by the Gestapo. When the Aalesund Soccer Club was started in 1914,Ole was the goalkeeper for many years. He was a good gymnast and also played on a bandy team.
+ 4 iii Selma Johanne2 Jangaard
+ 5 iv Peter Andreas2 Jangaard
+ 6 v Nils Kornelius2 Jangaard
+ 7 vi Karoline Laurentze2 Jangaard
8 vii Anne Petrine2 Jangaard, born 12 Jan 1900 in Aalesund; died 21 Sep 1992 in Aalesund; buried 25 Sep 1992 in Aalesund. Anne never married, and worked in the office of Brødrene Jangaard for many years. She and her brother Ole also had a tobacco and candy store during the war.

Generation 2

4. Selma Johanne2 Jangaard (Peter Mikal1), born 13 Apr 1891 in Aalesund; died 22 Nov 1989 in Aalesund; buried in Øvre Gravlund, Aalesund. She married on 23 Mar 1918 in Molde, Romsdal, Thorvald Røsberg, born 20 May 1888 in Kleive, Romsdal; died 12 Jul 1970 in Aalesund.

Notes for Thorvald Røsberg

Thorvald was a master carpenter and cabinetmaker.

Children of Selma Johanne2 Jangaard and Thorvald Røsberg were as follows:

+ 9 i Peter Christian3 Røsberg
+ 10 ii Thorleif3 Røsberg
+ 11 iii Bergljot3 Røsberg

5. Peter Andreas2 Jangaard (Peter Mikal1), born 18 Jun 1893 in Aalesund; died 9 Apr 1983 in Aalesund; buried in Aalesund. He married (1) on 24 Apr 1920 in Aalesund, Margit Olsen, born 22 Jul 1899 in Aalesund; died 10 Jun 1944 in Aalesund, daughter of Rasmus Olsen (Capt.) and Marta Østensen. He married (2) Erna Blichfeldt Frøysa, died 4 Nov 1980 in Aalesund.

Notes for Peter Andreas Jangaard

Peter Andreas Jangaard went to sea at an early age and at age 17 he was hired on the research vessel "Michael Sars". Later he was a sailor on the fullrigged sailing vessel "Oddersjaa". Off Cape Finisterre on the coast of Africa they were surprised by a violent gale; the rigging had to be cut and Peter broke a leg. It was impossible to keep the vessel afloat and the crew took to the lifeboats. The boat Peter was in was picked up by the British East­India vessel "Larkmoore" and landed in Gibraltar where he was sent to hospital. A message had reached Aalesund that the vessel was missing, and in an obituary Peter was said to be "a promising young man". When he came back to Bergen via Hamburg, he went to see his brother Nils at the Commercial College. He , of course, did not believe his own eyes. He had a similar reception when he arrived home in Aalesund. Later he served on several other sailing and steam vessels. He graduated from mate's school and served in the Norwegian Navy on several warships. For a number of years he also worked at the State Freezing Plant in Aalesund. Peter was an excellent chess player and frequented the Aalesund Chess Club in his retirement. He was also an amateur poet and a soccer fan.

Notes for Margit Olsen

Margit Jangaard operated shop in Klipra, Aalesund with her sister Dagny Garshol selling notions and dry goods.

Children of Peter Andreas2 Jangaard and Margit Olsen were as follows:

+ 12 i Rolf Michael3 Jangaard
+ 13 ii Helge Asbjørn3 Jangaard

6. Nils Kornelius2 Jangaard (Peter Mikal1), born 21 Mar 1896 in Aalesund; died 8 May 1990 in Aalesund; buried May 1990 in Øvre Gravlund, Aalesund. He married on 25 Sep 1920 in Aalesund, Borghild Seljesæter, born 11 Apr 1899 in Aalesund; died 9 Sep 1975 in Aalesund, daughter of Ivar Seljesæter and Ingeborg Slenes.

Notes for Nils Kornelius Jangaard

Nils Jangaard went to school in Aalesund and later graduated from the Bergen College of Commerce. He worked for fish exporters in Aalesund a few years before going to Spain, Portugal and South America for further training and experience. At the 1922 World's Fair in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, he was Secretary for the Norwegian exhibit. In 1931 he formed the seafood export company Brödrene Jangaard A/S (Jangaard Brothers Ltd.) This firm organized and outfitted several large distant water fishing expeditions, such as the pioneering M/V Thorland expedition to West Greenland for halibut and cod. When Norway was occupied by German troops in 1940, Nils was in Portugal on a business trip. He reported to the Norwegian Government in Exile, and was sent to New York and later to Halifax, N.S. as Norwegian Vice Consul. From 1944 to 1947 he was Fisheries Attache at the Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C. He was then asked by the U.N. to serve with F.A.O.(Food and Agriculture Organization) in Rome. While there he completed a mission to Bangladesh to study and recommend improvements to their seafood industry. In 1949 he was appointed Managing Director of the Statens Fryseri freezing plant in Aalesund and moved back there. He was a director of a number of banks and committees and represented Norway in many trade delegations, among others to Moscow. He retired at age 70 in 1966. As a young man he was a keen soccer player and was one of the founders of the Aalesund Soccer Club. He received the club Gold Medal for his contributions to soccer in Aalesund. He was a member of the Aalesund Club where he was considered an excellent bridge and billiard player. In his retirement he took up genealogy and, together with his daughter Ingrid Jangaard Ousland published the family history of the Jangaard family in 1967.

Notes for Borghild Seljesæter

After graduating from high school in Aalesund, Borghild attended Nordstrand School of Home Economics in Oslo. She lived in Portugal for four years with Nils after their marriage, and their first child Bjørg was born there. In the 1930's, Borghild took courses in Oslo in glove making and to cover ladies party shoes. This gave her a welcome extra income in the depression years and especially during the war years. Since Nils was in Portugal on a business trip when the Germans invaded Norway on April 9, 1940, Borghild was responsible for bringing up and feeding her children during those five difficult years. She demonstrated an inner strength and skills that brought the family through the occupation in good health. After the war she joined Nils in Washington, D.C. and Rome before settling in Aalesund again in 1949. She was active in a number of volunteer organizations, especially "Sanitetsforeningen" which operated a home for mentally handicapped adults at Sjøholt and an old ladies home in Aalesund.

Children of Nils Kornelius2 Jangaard and Borghild Seljesæter were as follows:

+ 14 i Bjørg3 Jangaard
+ 15 ii Peter Michael3 Jangaard
+ 16 iii Ingrid3 Jangaard

7. Karoline Laurentze2 Jangaard (Peter Mikal1), born 6 May 1898 in Aalesund; died 29 Mar 1993 in Aalesund. She married on 9 Aug 1924 in Aalesund, Christoffer "Kik" Aase, born 27 Dec 1892 in Aalesund; died 28 Dec 1964 in Borgund, son of Carsten Bernhard Aase and Samuline Myklebust.

Notes for Christoffer "Kik" Aase

Christoffer Aase graduated from high school in 1911, and from the Norwegian Military Academy in 1913. He became a Second Lieutenant in the Reserves in 1913 and First Lieutenant in 1922. After having worked in various capacities in banks in Aalesund, he became Managing Director of the Borgund Sparebank (Borgund Savings Bank) in 1929. He retired from that position in 1960. In this period he held a number of responsible positions in local and national banking organizations, and also in municipal and county governmental organizations.

Children of Karoline Laurentze2 Jangaard and Christoffer "Kik" Aase were as follows:

+ 17 i Christoffer "Lillekik"3 Aase
+ 18 ii Gunnar3 Aase
+ 19 iii Anne Margrethe3 Aase

Generation 3

9. Peter Christian3 Røsberg (Selma Johanne2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 28 Mar 1919 in Aalesund. He married Lois Jean Moir, born 6 May 1922 in Toronto, Ontario;daughter of Mr. and Mrs George G. Moir .

Notes for Peter Christian Røsberg

Peter Christian Røsberg became one of the top Norwegian Spitfire pilots in WW2, but how he got there reads like a novel. After the German occupation of Norway in 1940, Peter Christian Røsberg escaped to Petsamo, Finland, was sent back to Norway by Germans who were there at that time, escaped again and hired on a Swedish ship ending up in Portland, Maine. He made his way to the Norwegian Consulate in New York to join the Norwegian Armed Forces. However, they did not believe his story that he had just escaped from Norway, gave him $5 and sent him on his way. He went over to Brooklyn since he had heard there were many Norwegians there, bought an apple with his last 5cents, met a Swedish seaman, went to a bar and the two of them woke up the next morning onboard a Greek freighter with numerous sheep, pigs etc. on deck. They had been shanghaied! Off Florida they ran into a vicious storm; the animals floated off and the ship barely made it to Jacksonville, Florida. There they jumped ship and got on a bus bound for New Orleans. They were hiding in the back, and the bus driver stopped the bus and asked them to come forward. They thought they would be turned over to the US Immigration, but the bus driver pointed out that white people had to ride in the front; the back was for blacks.In New Orleans Peter Christian wandered around downtown with no money when he heard Norwegian Christmas carols being sung. It came from a new Norwegian Seamens Church just being opened. He went in and was well received. He then mustered on a Norwegian freighter, M/V "Fagerfjell" and sailed to South America and Africa. He was also on a whaling expedition to the Antarctic with the factory ship " Kosmos II". He was finally accepted into the Norwegian Air Force in February 1942 and took his pilots training at Little Norway in Toronto and Muskoka, Ontario. While there he was asked to look after the present Norwegian king, Harald, who was then just a child. After he became a pilot, he was posted to the Norwegian 331 Squadron in England flying his first mission in a Spitfire on May 1, 1943 escorting American bombers to France.He flew continuously until the end of the war, following the allied forces to Europe after the invasion, providing ground support and dive bombing missions. Peter Christian was one of only two or three of the original group of twentysome pilots who survived the war. When all he received by Norway after the war was a handshake, a thank you and a voucher for a set of civilian clothes, he decided to emigrate to the United States. He first fished out of San Diego and later settled in the state of Washington fishing for crab, herring, halibut and tuna depending on the season.After retiring, he and Lois spend part of the year in California and Arizona in their large camper trailer.

His story was told in a chapter of the book by John Giæver: "Fra Little Norway til Kautokeino. Glimt fra krigens år". Published 1964.

Children of Peter Christian3 Røsberg and Lois Jean Moir were as follows:

+ 20 i Diana Elaine4 Rosberg
+ 21 ii Janey Sylvia4 Rosberg
+ 22 iii Laurie Ann4 Rosberg
+ 23 iv Karen4 Rosberg

10. Thorleif3 Røsberg (Selma Johanne2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 16 Oct 1920 in Aalesund; died 11 Dec 1983 in Aalesund; buried 16 Dec 1983 in Aalesund. He married on 9 Aug 1947 in Aalesund, divorced , Amanda Helseth, born 28 Mar 1922.

Notes for Thorleif Røsberg

Thorleif had severe diabetes and eventually lost his sight.

Children of Thorleif3 Røsberg and Amanda Helseth were as follows:

+ 24 i Jan Tore4 Røsberg
+ 25 ii Kari4 Røsberg
26 iii Helge4 Røsberg, born 13 Dec 1955 in Aalesund.

11. Bergljot3 Røsberg (Selma Johanne2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 22 Oct 1922 in Aalesund. She married on 14 Aug 1948 in San Francisco, California, Sigurd Inge Iversen, born 23 May 1916 in Aalesund; died 26 Feb 1983 in Aalesund.

Notes for Bergljot Røsberg

Bergljot had a business education and worked for the National Harbors Board (Havnevesenet) and National Revenue (Ligningsvesenet).

Notes for Sigurd Inge Iversen

Sigurd was a bookeeper and worked for the Power Company (Tafjord Kraft).

Children of Bergljot3 Røsberg and Sigurd Inge Iversen were as follows:

+ 27 i Berit4 Iversen
+ 28 ii Gunnar4 Iversen

12. Rolf Michael3 Jangaard (Peter Andreas2, Peter Mikal1), born 12 Aug 1922 in Aalesund; died 19 Jul 1977 in Bergen. He married on 15 Sep 1945 in Oslo, Aase Røis, born 12 Jul 1922.

Notes for Rolf Michael Jangaard

Rolf Jangaard received his primary and high school education in Aalesund, and graduated from the University of Oslo with a Masters degree in psychology in 1948. In 1949­50 he held a scholarship and was a research assistant at the University of Minnesota. He worked as an research assistant at the Dikemark Mental Hospital, as an associate at Psychotechnical Institute in Oslo and as manager of the Vocational Guidance program in Østfold county. In 1952 he came to the Administrative Research Council at the Norwegian University of Commerce in Bergen and soon became a key person and the Director of training programs for business managers and executives. More than 1000 Norwegian business leaders received training under Rolf Jangaard's direction at the well known "Solstrand Seminars" held at a resort hotel by that name. In 1961 he received the prestigious Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship and studied Management Development at a number of universities and institutions in the United States. For many years he gave a course at the Nansen School on People and the Company. He was also active and held offices in a number of other organizations and was a member of a committee in Bergen Bank. He was known as an excellent teacher who always tried to develop independent thinking in solving problems. He died at age 56 of liver cancer.

Children of Rolf Michael3 Jangaard and Aase Røis were as follows:

+ 29 i Hilde4 Jangaard
+ 30 ii Inger4 Jangaard
31 iii Pål4 Jangaard, born 15 Feb 1952 in Bergen. Pål is a medical doctor and surgeon with a specialty in diseases of the eye.He has a practice in Bergen (1997).

13. Helge Asbjørn3 Jangaard (Peter Andreas2, Peter Mikal1), born 20 Feb 1929 in Aalesund. He married on 22 Jul 1952 in Fredrikstad, Ellen Karine Petersen, born 20 Dec 1928; died 11 Nov 1992 in Oslo following a lung operation.

Notes for Helge Asbjørn Jangaard

Helge Jangaard received his early education in Aalesund and later trained to be a baker and confectioner. Due to developing allergies, he later attended the Police Academy and was a policeman in Aalesund until he retired. In his youth he was a nationally ranked amateur boxer.

Children of Helge Asbjørn3 Jangaard and Ellen Karine Petersen were as follows:

32 i Astrid4 Jangaard, born 7 Nov 1953 in Aalesund. She married Georg Strunden. Astrid Jangaard Strunden is a health educator and child care worker and attended the Steiner School in Oslo. She and her German husband have been working in Europe and now in Tanzania, Africa since 1991. In 1993 she received a Peace Corps contract to participate in the building of the children's home "Zanganigwa" (which means Welcome) in Kigoma, a harbor city on Lake Tanganyika.
+ 33 ii Margit4 Jangaard
+ 34 iii Anne Karine4 Jangaard

14. Bjørg3 Jangaard (Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 27 Oct 1921 in Lisbon, Portugal. She married on 31 Jan 1942 in Aalesund, Maurice Loe, born 10 Feb 1909 in Aalesund; died 8 Jun 1990 in Aalesund, son of Harald Pedersen Loe and Elise Harnes.

Notes for Bjørg Jangaard

Bjørg received her early education in Aalesund and later attended a school of home economics. She married during the war under German occupation, and had the difficult task of starting a new home and family under wartime conditions. After the children grew up, Bjørg worked for many years in the Records Department of the Regional Hospital in Aalesund. After her mother Borghild died in 1975, the responsibility of looking after her father Nils largely fell on her. She and Maurice moved to an apartment in Nils' house on Framvegen. After both Nils and Maurice died in 1990, the house was sold and she moved to an apartment nearby. She has always been very active in various organizations such as Sanitetsforeningen, and keeps physically active. In recent years (1997), she has been a member of a hiking club for seniors and was awarded their "Golden Cane" for her record of attendance. Björg's address: Fjelltunveien 51d, 6007 Aalesund.Tel:70 12 5219

Notes for Maurice Loe

Maurice Loe had a contracting business with his brother Sigurd. He was a crosscountry skier and won numerous prizes in local competitions. During the German occupation in WW2, he joined the Norwegian Underground and appeared in uniform on VE­Day May 8, 1945. Fortunately the 3­400,000 German soldiers in Norway surrendered peacefully and there was no further bloodshed.

Children of Bjørg3 Jangaard and Maurice Loe were as follows:

+ 35 i Harald Jangaard4 Loe
+ 36 ii Nils Peter Jangaard4 Loe
+ 37 iii Kirsti Jangaard4 Loe
+ 38 iv Randi Jangaard4 Loe

15. Peter Michael3 Jangaard (Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 24 Oct 1927 in Aalesund; christened 11 Dec 1927 in Aalesund Church, Aalesund. He married on 11 Aug 1956 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Margaret Bliss Vaughan, born 10 Sep 1928 in Halifax, N.S, daughter of Thomas Edward Vaughan and Alberta Bliss Victoria Hancock.

Notes for Peter Michael Jangaard

Peter M. Jangaard completed high school in Aalesund during the Second World War when Norway was occupied by Germany for 5 years. He came to the United States in October 1945 with his parents and attended American University in Washington D.C.(1945­46) and University of California, Berkeley (1946­49) graduating in 1949 with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering. He worked on fisheries research projects in Halifax, N.S (1949­50), in Brooklyn, N.Y.(1950­51) and in Norway. He served one year in the Norwegian Army (1952­53) and returned to Halifax, N.S. in 1953 to a position as a Research Scientist with the Fisheries Research Board of Canada. After a 35 year career in research and management he retired in 1987 as Director of Fisheries Development.He was the author of a number of technical and scientific publications and was Canadian representative on several international organizations. He received an M.Eng. from the Technical University of Nova Scotia in 1965. He works as a certified translator from the Scandinavian languages, as a Fisheries Consultant and a Genealogist. He is a duplicate bridge player and has qualified as a Life Master.

Telephone: (902) 477­2954(Home) (902)889­2724(Cottage)
e­mail: nstn1596@fox.nstn.ca
Address: 22 Milsom Avenue, Halifax, N.S. B3N 2B9

Notes for Margaret Bliss Vaughan

Margaret is a graduate of Queen Elizabeth High School in Halifax and attended Mount Allison University, Sackville, N.B. She was employed with IBM Ltd. in Halifax before her marriage. She has been active as President and member of the Committee of Management for Victoria Hall, a historic residence for senior ladies in Halifax and also in other organizations such as the IODE .

As a duplicate bridge player, she has achieved the rank of Life Master and Bronze Life Master from the American Contract Bridge League, Memphis, Tennessee.

Children of Peter Michael3 Jangaard and Margaret Bliss Vaughan were as follows:

+ 39 i Ingrid Bliss4 Jangaard
+ 40 ii Peter Christian4 Jangaard
41 iii Thomas Nils4 Jangaard, born 30 Jul 1964 in Halifax, Nova Scotia; christened 1 Nov 1964 in St.Matthew's, Halifax, NS. He married on 22 Jul 1995 in Musquodoboit Hr., Halifax Co., N.S., Kimberley Sarah Farmer, born 16 Dec 1968 in Halifax, N.S., daughter of Harry Anderson Farmer and Alice Mary Holmes. Thomas graduated from Prince Andrew High School, Dartmouth and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, N.S.He is a planner and landscape architect.He is presently (1996) working with a firm of Landscape Architects in Monterey, California. He is an athlete and was a provincially ranked tennis player, and he also played hockey and soccer.Kim also graduated fro NSCAD in fine arts. She has taken further training in museum management. Address: 2000 David Street, Apt.13, Monterey, CA 933940
Telephone: (604) 734­8370

16. Ingrid3 Jangaard (Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 1 Sep 1932 in Aalesund. She married Odd Ousland, born 4 Nov 1931 in Halse, son of Bernhard Ousland and Birgit Thorsen.

Notes for Ingrid Jangaard

Ingrid Jangaard received her early education in Aalesund and went on to Junior and Senior High School in Washington, D.C., Rome, Italy and Aalesund.She subsequently graduated from the four year course at the National College of Art and Design in Oslo. She is a well known artist in Norway; has designed two stamps, one being issued by all the Nordic countries. The National Art Gallery of Norway has purchased four of her drawings and the Philadelphia Museum of Art has one of her etchings in their collection. She pursued further studies in Philadelphia and has received numerous scholarships and travel grants to visit and study in major art centers.She is especially well known for her illustrations of children's books and design of book covers. She has had numerous exhibitions in Oslo and other Norwegian cities, and is equally at home in art forms like lithography, drawing, wood and linoleum cut, etching watercolor and oil painting.She has held offices in various art organizations and at the present time (1997) she is a member of the Purchasing Committee of the Norwegian National Art Gallery. Ingrid and Odd Ousland have also been active in several social causes, and during the war in Vietnam they were part of a group who adopted injured children from this war­torn country. One of these, Tat, has practically been a member of the Ousland family and is now settled in Oslo. Ingrid and Odd have on two occasions visited his village and family in Viet Nam. Address: Øvre Utsiktsvei 17, 1450 Nesoddtangen, Norway. Tel: 66­911382

Notes for Odd Ousland

Odd Ousland received his secondary education in Mandal and later graduated from the four year course at the National College of Art and Design in Oslo. Since then he has been a commercial artist and he and his brother operate a company in Oslo (A/S Frilans) specializing in package design and advertising.

Children of Ingrid3 Jangaard and Odd Ousland were as follows:

+ 42 i Björn4 Ousland
+ 43 ii Börge Michael Jangaard4 Ousland
44 iii Turid Jangaard4 Ousland, born 8 Apr 1964 in Oslo. Turid received her early education at Nesodden followed by four years at the National College of Art and Design in Oslo. She also studied for nine months in Mexico at Casa de Cultura de Morelia and have taken several courses in sculpturing, graphics etc. She has had works accepted at major Norwegian exhibitions and is at the present time in charge of stage painting at Rogaland Theatre in Stavanger.
+ 45 iv Ingeborg Jangaard4 Ousland

17. Christoffer "Lillekik"3 Aase (Karoline Laurentze2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 5 Jun 1928 in Aalesund. He married (1) , divorced Marit Larson, born 24 Aug 1935 in Aalesund. He married (2) Else Karin Ulveraker, born 18 Oct 1942.

Notes for Christoffer "Lillekik" Aase

Christoffer "Lillekik" Aase graduated from high school in Aalesund and later studied law at the University in Oslo. He followed the career paths of his father and grandfather, and became a banker in Aalesund.

Children of Christoffer Lillekik3 Aase and Marit Larson were as follows:

46 i Christoffer4 Aase, born 25 Nov 1959 in Aalesund. He married on 21 Aug 1981, Unn (­­­).
47 ii Trine4 Aase, born 25 Jan 1962 in Aalesund.

18. Gunnar3 Aase (Karoline Laurentze2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 25 Aug 1929. He married (1) , divorced Gudrun Aarstad, born 18 Mar 1933. He married (2) Marit Evensen.

Notes for Gunnar Aase

Gunnar Aase graduated from high school in Aalesund and later trained as a pilot. For many years he was a Captain with the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) flying propeller and jet airplanes on international routes.

Children of Gunnar3 Aase and Gudrun Aarstad were as follows:

48 i Kari4 Aase, born 14 Nov 1960.
49 ii Torger4 Aase, born 23 Aug 1963.

19. Anne Margrethe3 Aase (Karoline Laurentze2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 15 Nov 1930 in Aalesund. She married on 22 Feb 1957 in Aalesund, Hans Vadseth, born 21 Jun 1927 in Aalesund.

Notes for Anne Margrethe Aase

Anne Margrethe Aase graduated from high school in Aalesund and later from business school. She worked for many years with the large seafood company Brødrene Aarsether.

Notes for Hans Vadseth

Hans had a technical education from engineering school and worked for a amjor oil company.

Children of Anne Margrethe3 Aase and Hans Vadseth were as follows:

+ 50 i Tor Aase4 Vadseth
51 ii Hans Christian4 Vadseth, born 9 Jan 1963 in Aalesund. He married on 15 Jun 1991 in Aalesund, Tone Martha Sødahl, born 1967.

Generation 4

20. Diana Elaine4 Rosberg (Peter Christian3, Selma Johanne2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 20 May 1949. She married Robert Tait They live in Federal Way, Washington..

Children of Diana Elaine4 Rosberg and Robert Tait were as follows:

52 i Kristen Raquel5 Tait, born 4 Oct 1981.

21. Janey Sylvia4 Rosberg (Peter Christian3, Selma Johanne2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 7 Sep 1950. She married Ralph Dinsmore.

Children of Janey Sylvia4 Rosberg and Ralph Dinsmore were as follows:

53 i Trina Mari5 Dinsmore, born 25 Apr 1976.
54 ii Dana Thomas5 Dinsmore, born 23 Nov 1980.
55 iii Troy Peter5 Dinsmore, born 23 Nov 1980.
56 iv Ashley Diane5 Dinsmore, born 6 Dec 1981.

22. Laurie Ann4 Rosberg (Peter Christian3, Selma Johanne2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 11 Jan 1955. She married (1) Larry Steely. She married (2) Charkey Wendell.

Children of Laurie Ann4 Rosberg and Larry Steely were as follows:

57 i Lanna Amber5 Steely, born 19 Oct 1979.
58 ii Erik Kristian5 Steely, born 28 Aug 1981.
59 iii Brian Andrew5 Steely, born 20 Apr 1983.

23. Karen4 Rosberg (Peter Christian3, Selma Johanne2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 12 Feb 1957. She married Donald Scott Cameron.

Children of Karen4 Rosberg and Donald Scott Cameron were as follows:

60 i Nicole Denise5 Cameron, born 12 Jan 1981.
61 ii Donald Leland5 Cameron, born 30 Sep 1982.

24. Jan Tore4 Røsberg (Thorleif3, Selma Johanne2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 11 Jan 1948 in Aalesund. He married Sissel Rabben, born in Ellingsoya.

Children of Jan Tore4 Røsberg and Sissel Rabben were as follows:

62 i Kathinka5 Røsberg, born 27 Aug 1981.
63 ii Tor Amund5 Røsberg, born 30 Aug 1982.
64 iii Gjermund5 Røsberg, born 25 Jul 1986.

25. Kari4 Røsberg (Thorleif3, Selma Johanne2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 8 Feb 1952 in Aalesund. She married Even Kvam.

Children of Kari4 Røsberg and Even Kvam were as follows:

65 i Frode5 Kvam, born 12 Feb 1973.
66 ii Linda5 Kvam, born 19 Aug 1977.

27. Berit4 Iversen (Bergljot3 Røsberg, Selma Johanne2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 11 Jan 1950 in Aalesund. She married Peter Bentsen.

Children of Berit4 Iversen and Peter Bentsen were as follows:

67 i Toril Marie5 Bentsen, born 9 Oct 1977.
68 ii Anne Sofie5 Bentsen, born 1 Dec 1982.
69 iii Elin Charlotte5 Bentsen, born 23 May 1987.
70 iv Ingrid Kathrine5 Bentsen, born 23 May 1987.

28. Gunnar4 Iversen (Bergljot3 Røsberg, Selma Johanne2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 9 Feb 1953 in Aalesund. He married Marianne Nærø, born 19 Feb 1955 in Herøy, Sunnmøre.

Children of Gunnar4 Iversen and Marianne Nærø were as follows:

71 i Håvard5 Iversen, born 5 Mar 1975.
72 ii Lillian5 Iversen, born 16 Jul 1977. Gunnar is a helicopter pilot with the Mørefly company.
73 iii Sigrun Beate5 Iversen, born 9 Feb 1983.
74 iv Gunn Marit5 Iversen, born 26 Oct 1984.

29. Hilde4 Jangaard (Rolf Michael3, Peter Andreas2, Peter Mikal1), born 19 Mar 1946 in Bergen. She married Kurt Orre.

Notes for Hilde Jangaard

Hilde is a school psychologist . She was a full time high school teacher in Hermansverk, Sogn for a number of years. Hilde and Kurt moved to Barkåker near Tønsberg in 1984 to take over Kurt's father's farm. Kurt worked as manager of the office of the County Physician(1985) and Hilde continued her educational work.

Children of Hilde4 Jangaard and Kurt Orre were as follows:

+ 75 i Aslak5 Orre
76 ii Ingrid5 Orre, born 1 Jan 1977. Ingrid is studying philosophy.

30. Inger4 Jangaard (Rolf Michael3, Peter Andreas2, Peter Mikal1), born 7 Nov 1948 in Bergen. She married (2) in Sep 1984, Rickard (­­­). She married (3) Fritjof Urdal. She married (4) Tommy Rasmussen.

Notes for Inger Jangaard

Inger and Rickard lives in Førde in Sogn and Fjordane county.(1985)

Notes for Tommy Rasmussen

Tommy and Inger live in Stryn, Nordfjord where Tommy is an automobile mechanic (1997).

Children of Inger4 Jangaard were as follows:

77 i Anja5 Jangaard, born 13 Sep 1973.

Children of Inger4 Jangaard and Fritjof Urdal were as follows:

78 i Åsta5 Urdal, born 16 Jun 1987.
79 ii Idun5 Urdal, born 16 Feb 1990.

Children of Inger4 Jangaard and Tommy Rasmussen were as follows:

80 i Espen Jangaard5 Rasmussen, born 7 Feb 1992.
81 ii Andrea Jangaard5 Rasmussen, born 28 May 1993.
82 iii Emil Jangaard5 Rasmussen, born 30 Sep 1995.

33. Margit4 Jangaard (Helge Asbjørn3, Peter Andreas2, Peter Mikal1), born 16 Dec 1954 in Aalesund. She married Kennet Veden, born 1952 in Sweden.

Children of Margit4 Jangaard and Kennet Veden were as follows:

83 i Solmaria Jangaard5 Veden, born 1984.
84 ii Asbjørn Jangaard5 Veden, born 1985.

34. Anne Karine4 Jangaard (Helge Asbjørn3, Peter Andreas2, Peter Mikal1), born 19 Mar 1965 in Aalesund. She married Nils Jørgen Selliseth, born 1966 in Aalesund.

Notes for Nils Jørgen Selliseth

Nils Jørgen Selliseth is a dentist and received the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1997.

Children of Anne Karine4 Jangaard and Nils Jørgen Selliseth were as follows:

85 i Karoline Jangaard5 Selliseth, born 1987.
86 ii Simon Jangaard5 Selliseth, born 1989.

35. Harald Jangaard4 Loe (Bjørg3 Jangaard, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 2 Oct 1942 in Aalesund. He married on 25 Mar 1964 in Aalesund, Turid Sunde, born 8 Aug 1945, daughter of Konrad Ole Sunde and Selma Olga Wick.

Notes for Harald Jangaard Loe

Harald has a university education in business economics. He was Vice President, Finance with Ekornes Ltd., a major Norwegian furniture manufacturer, and has also been frequently engaged as a consultant for large industrial concerns. He has been on a consulting assignment in England for the last few years (until late 1996).

Children of Harald Jangaard4 Loe and Turid Sunde were as follows:

+ 87 i Trine5 Loe
+ 88 ii Harald Kenneth5 Loe
89 iii Björn5 Loe, born 13 May 1970.

36. Nils Peter Jangaard4 Loe (Bjørg3 Jangaard, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 5 Jan 1945 in Aalesund. He married on 30 Nov 1968 in Aalesund, Marit Aspehaug, born 15 Dec 1945 in Aalesund, daughter of Johan Aspehaug and Aslaug Ingrid Myrvoll.

Notes for Nils Peter Jangaard Loe

Nils Peter is sales manager for an international electrical concern covering Möre County.

Address: Myrabakken,6010 Aalesund.Tel:70 14 0446; e­mail: nploe@mimer.no

Children of Nils Peter Jangaard4 Loe and Marit Aspehaug were as follows:

+ 90 i Sindre Aspehaug5 Loe
91 ii Grethe Aspehaug5 Loe, born 13 May 1971 in Aalesund.
92 iii Marius Aspehaug5 Loe, born 25 May 1976 in Aalesund.

37. Kirsti Jangaard4 Loe (Bjørg3 Jangaard, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 18 Sep 1950 in Aalesund. She married Øivind Syversen, born 6 Oct 1946, son of Ragnar Anker Syversen and Gunvor Cecilie Akselsen.

Notes for Kirsti Jangaard Loe

Kirsti is a registered nurse and work in the Oslo area.

Notes for Øivind Syversen

Øivind has business education and works in Oslo. Address: Vestlia 156, 1453 Bjørnemyra

Children of Kirsti Jangaard4 Loe and Øivind Syversen were as follows:

93 i Pål5 Syversen, born 13 Dec 1974.
94 ii Pia5 Syversen, born 4 Oct 1979.

38. Randi Jangaard4 Loe (Bjørg3 Jangaard, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 18 Sep 1950 in Aalesund, Sunnmöre. She married on 21 Nov 1970 in Aalesund Kirke, Aalesund, Leif Kåre Muri, born 3 Feb 1946 in Aalesund, Sunnmöre, Norway, son of Bjarne Muri and Lovise Jarnes.

Notes for Randi Jangaard Loe

Randi is an occupational therapist in schools and homes for the aged.

Notes for Leif Kåre Muri

Leif works as town engineer in Langevåg near Aalesund. Address: Langelandsveien, 6018 Aalesund Tel:70 14 3887

Children of Randi Jangaard4 Loe and Leif Kåre Muri were as follows:

95 i Christian Loe5 Muri, born 9 May 1971.
96 ii Erik Loe5 Muri, born 11 May 1977.

39. Ingrid Bliss4 Jangaard (Peter Michael3, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 6 Nov 1957 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; christened 27 Apr 1958 in St.Matthew's, Halifax, NS. She married on 4 Mar 1989 in St.Andrew's, Halifax, David Kevin Latimer, born 23 Apr 1958 in Truro, Nova Scotia, son of David Wayne Latimer and Elizabeth Sim.

Notes for Ingrid Bliss Jangaard

Ingrid graduated from Prince Andrew High School in Dartmouth and Dalhousie University in Halifax, N.S. She pursued further studies in French,including immersion in Quebec. She was employed as Product Manager in International Marketing, National Sea Products Ltd., Halifax, N.S. and travelled widely abroad in that capacity.

Ingrid and Kevin's address: 2055 Newton Avenue, Halifax, NS, B3L 3B7

Notes for David Kevin Latimer

Kevin graduated from High School in Truro,N.S.and later from Mount Allison University, Sackville, N.B., Carleton University, Ottawa, Ont. and Dalhousie Law School, Halifax, N.S.He is partner with the law firm Cox Downie, Halifax, N.S.

Children of Ingrid Bliss4 Jangaard and David Kevin Latimer were as follows:

97 i Hugh Thomas5 Latimer, born 8 Mar 1990 in Halifax, Nova Scotia; christened 13 May 1990 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
98 ii Anna Margaret5 Latimer, born 30 Apr 1992 in Halifax, NS; christened 1 Nov 1992 in St.Andrew's, Halifax, NS.
99 iii Rose Kathleen5 Latimer, born 19 May 1995 in Halifax, NS; christened 7 Apr 1996 in St.Andrew's, Halifax, NS.

40. Peter Christian4 Jangaard (Peter Michael3, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 5 Oct 1959 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; christened 20 Mar 1960 in St.Matthew's, Halifax, NS. He married on 18 Jun 1988 in St.Andrew's, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Krista Stultz (Dr.), born 17 Apr 1962 in Moncton, New Brunswick, daughter of Thomas Roderick Stultz and Donna Louise Murray.

Notes for Peter Christian Jangaard

Chris graduated from Prince Andrew High School, Dartmouth and Dalhousie University, Halifax .He worked for McCain's Fine Foods on the Praries before accepting his present position as Marketing and Promotion Manager for BMG Music for the Atlantic provinces.

Notes for Krista Stultz (Dr.)

Krista graduated from High School in Moncton, N.B. and from Dalhousie Medical School in Halifax. She has completed advanced training in pediatrics and neo­natal medicine and is a full time staff neonatalogist at the Grace Maternity /I.W.K. Health Centre, Halifax, N.S. She is also an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Dalhousie University Medical School.

Children of Peter Christian4 Jangaard and Krista Stultz (Dr.) were as follows:

100 i Kirsti Elizabeth5 Jangaard, born 11 Oct 1990 in Halifax, N.S., christened 10 Feb 1991 in St.Andrew's, Halifax, NS.
101 ii Thomas Christian5 Jangaard, born 20 Jan 1992 in Halifax, N.S; christened 7 Jun 1992 in St.Andrew's, Halifax, NS.

42. Björn4 Ousland (Ingrid3 Jangaard, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 14 May 1959 in Oslo. His companion (samboer) was Anne Trogstad, born 24 Aug 1962. They separated.

Notes for Björn Ousland

Bjørn received his primary and secondary education at Nesodden, followed by one year at Westerdal's School of Advertising and three years at Joe Kuberts School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, New Jersey. He is a well known cartoonist living in Oslo and has published a number of books.

Children of Björn4 Ousland and Anne Trogstad were as follows:

102 i Hanna Mathilde Ousland5 Trogstad, born 2 Jan 1990 in Oslo.

43. Börge Michael Jangaard4 Ousland (Ingrid3 Jangaard, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 31 May 1962 in Oslo. His companion (samboer) is Wenche Elizabeth Spange, born 1 Sep 1956.

Notes for Börge Michael Jangaard Ousland

Børge is a well known Arctic and Antarctic explorer. After high school and service in the Norwegian navy as a Marine, he worked as a deep sea diver in the North Sea. In 1986 Børge and two friends skiied across Greenland; 1000 km with no dogs or any outside support. In 1990 he and a friend,Erling Kagge, became the first to reach the North Pole from Canada without dogs or any other support underway.The trip was described in the National Geographic Magazine, March 1991.In 1994 Børge became the first person to reach the North Pole alone without any outside support. It took him seven weeks from Siberia to reach the Pole. In November 1995 he attempted to become the first person to cross the Antarctic Continent alone without outside support. After reaching the South Pole in record time, he had to abandon the rest of the trip due to injuries. On November 15, 1996 he started from Berkner Island on his second attempt to cross the Antarctic. On December 19. he passed the South Pole in record time and reached the New Zealand Scott Base on January 19, 1997. Underway he battled minus 55 degree C. temperatures, areas with numerous crevasses and equipment failures.He covered 2,850 km. in 64 days. In addition to being the only person to have crossed the Antarctic continent alone and without support, he is also the only person to have skied alone to both Poles without any outside support. He has written several books about his adventures and has been giving lectures around the world. Address: Erlandstuveien 9, 1178 Oslo Tel:(47)22 29 1502

Children of Börge Michael Jangaard4 Ousland and Wenche Elizabeth Spange were as follows:

103 i Max Spange5 Ousland, born 12 Apr 1988 in Oslo.

45. Ingeborg Jangaard4 Ousland (Ingrid3 Jangaard, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 8 Apr 1964 in Oslo. Her companion (samboer) is Tom Thomassen.

Notes for Ingeborg Jangaard Ousland

Ingeborg received her early education at Nesodden followed by one year at the Skal School of Home Economics in Denmark and three years at Oppegård College studying graphic design. She is presently working as a book designer at a major publishing house in Oslo.

Children of Ingeborg Jangaard4 Ousland and Tom Thomassen were as follows:

104 i Ingrid Sofie5 Ousland, born 17 Aug 1995 in Oslo.

50. Tor Aase4 Vadseth (Anne Margrethe3 Aase, Karoline Laurentze2 Jangaard, Peter Mikal1), born 30 Jul 1957 in Aalesund. He married Kari Larsen, born 1957.

Children of Tor Aase4 Vadseth and Kari Larsen were as follows:

105 i Øivind5 Vadseth

Generation 5

75. Aslak5 Orre (Hilde4 Jangaard, Rolf Michael3, Peter Andreas2, Peter Mikal1), born 7 Sep 1972. He married Maria Hendrikes, born in Venezuela.

Notes for Aslak Orre

Aslak is studying political science.

Children of Aslak5 Orre and Maria Hendrikes were as follows:

106 i Sandra6 Orre, born 19 Jan 1996.

87. Trine5 Loe (Harald Jangaard4, Bjørg3 Jangaard, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 13 Jun 1964. Her companion (samboer) was Eirik Dahl, born 24 Feb 1963. They separated.

Children of Trine5 Loe and Eirik Dahl were as follows:

107 i Kristine Loe6 Dahl, born 24 Feb 1989.

88. Harald Kenneth5 Loe (Harald Jangaard4, Bjørg3 Jangaard, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 30 Jun 1965. He married in Jun 1991 in Rome, Italy, Betsy Heltne, born 16 Dec 1967.

Children of Harald Kenneth5 Loe and Betsy Heltne were as follows:

108 i Malin6 Loe, born 1 Oct 1991.

90. Sindre Aspehaug5 Loe (Nils Peter Jangaard4, Bjørg3 Jangaard, Nils Kornelius2, Peter Mikal1), born 10 May 1969 in Aalesund. His companion (samboer) is Line Johnsen, born 16 Apr 1973.

Children of Sindre Aspehaug5 Loe and Line Johnsen were as follows:

109 i Emil6 Loe, born 8 Feb 1997 in Oslo.


Inger (Jangaard) (1948-) 10
Rickard 10
Unn 8

Gudrun (1933-) 8
Anne Margrethe (1930-) 8
Carsten Bernhard (1859-1932) 3
Christoffer "Kik" (1892-1964) 3
Christoffer (1959-) 8
Christoffer Lillekik (1928-) 8
Else Karin (Ulveraker) (1942-) 8
Gudrun (Aarstad) (1933-) 8
Gunnar (1929-) 8
Kari (1960-) 8
Karoline Laurentze (Jangaard) (1898-1993) 3
Marit (Evensen) 8
Marit (Larson) (1935-) 8
Samuline (Myklebust) (1863-1907) 3
Torger (1963-) 8
Trine (1962-) 8
Unn ((---)) 8

Gunvor Cecilie (1920-1989) 11
Aslaug Ingrid (Myrvoll) (1915-) 11
Johan (1917-) 11
Marit (1945-) 11

Anne Sofie (1982-) 9
Berit (Iversen) (1950-) 9
Elin Charlotte (1987-) 9
Ingrid Kathrine (1987-) 9
Peter 9
Toril Marie (1977-) 9

Donald Leland (1982-) 9
Donald Scott 9
Karen (Rosberg) (1957-) 9
Nicole Denise (1981-) 9

Eirik (1963-) 14
Kristine Loe (1989-) 14
Trine (Loe) (1964-) 14

Ashley Diane (1981-) 8
Dana Thomas (1980-) 8
Janey Sylvia (Rosberg) (1950-) 8
Ralph 8
Trina Mari (1976-) 8
Troy Peter (1980-) 8

Marit 8
Alice Mary (Holmes) (1926-) 7
Harry Anderson (1916-) 7
Kimberley Sarah (1968-) 7

Erna Blichfeldt (-1980) 2
Alberta Bliss Victoria (1897-1981) 6
Elise (1873-1942) 6
Amanda (1922-) 4
Betsy (1967-) 14
Maria 13

Alice Mary (1926-) 7
Bergljot (Røsberg) (1922-) 5
Berit (1950-) 9
Gunn Marit (1984-) 9
Gunnar (1953-) 9
Håvard (1975-) 9
Lillian (1977-) 9
Marianne (Nærø) (1955-) 9
Sigrun Beate (1983-) 9
Sigurd Inge (1916-1983) 5

Aase (Røis) (1922-) 5
Anja (1973-) 10
Anne Karine (1965-) 10
Anne Olsdatter (Valderhaug) (1858-1937) 1
Anne Petrine (1900-1992) 1
Astrid (1953-) 5
Bjørg (1921-) 6
Borghild (Seljesæter) (1899-1975) 2
Ellen Karine (Petersen) (1928-1992) 5
Erna Blichfeldt (Frøysa) (-1980) 2
Helge Asbjørn (1929-) 5
Hilde (1946-) 10
Inger (1948-) 10
Ingrid (1932-) 7
Ingrid Bliss (1957-) 12
Karoline Laurentze (1898-1993) 3
Kimberley Sarah (Farmer) (1968-) 7
Kirsti Elizabeth (1990-) 12
Krista (Stultz) (Dr.) (1962-) 12
Kristian Oluf (1887-1905) 1
Margaret Bliss (Vaughan) (1928-) 6
Margit (1954-) 10
Margit (Olsen) (1899-1944) 2
Nils Kornelius (1896-1990) 2
Ole Mikal (1889-1974) 1
Pål (1952-) 5
Peter Andreas (1893-1983) 2
Peter Christian (1959-) 12
Peter Michael (1927-) 6
Peter Mikal (1861-1922) 1
Rolf Michael (1922-1977) 5
Selma Johanne (1891-1989) 2
Thomas Christian (1992-) 12
Thomas Nils (1964-) 7

Lovise (1920-) 11
Line (1973-) 14
Even 9
Frode (1973-) 9
Kari (Røsberg) (1952-) 9
Linda (1977-) 9

Kari (1957-) 13
Marit (1935-) 8
Anna Margaret (1992-) 12
David Kevin (1958-) 12
David Wayne (1935-) 12
Elizabeth (Sim) (1936-) 12
Hugh Thomas (1990-) 12
Ingrid Bliss (Jangaard) (1957-) 12
Rose Kathleen (1995-) 12

Karoline Eliasdatter (Valderhaug) (1825-1911) 1
Ole Knudsen (1816-1902) 1

Betsy (Heltne) (1967-) 14
Bjørg (Jangaard) (1921-) 6
Björn (1970-) 11
Elise (Harnes) (1873-1942) 6
Emil (1997-) 14
Grethe Aspehaug (1971-) 11
Harald Jangaard (1942-) 11
Harald Kenneth (1965-) 14
Harald Pedersen (1876-1935) 6
Kirsti Jangaard (1950-) 11
Line (Johnsen) (1973-) 14
Malin (1991-) 14
Marit (Aspehaug) (1945-) 11
Marius Aspehaug (1976-) 11
Maurice (1909-1990) 6
Nils Peter Jangaard (1945-) 11
Randi Jangaard (1950-) 11
Sindre Aspehaug (1969-) 14
Trine (1964-) 14
Turid (Sunde) (1945-) 11

Lois Jean (1922-) 4
Bjarne (1917-) 11
Christian Loe (1971-) 11
Erik Loe (1977-) 11
Leif Kåre (1946-) 11
Lovise (Jarnes) (1920-) 11
Randi Jangaard (Loe) (1950-) 11

Donna Louise (1940-) 12
Samuline (1863-1907) 3
Aslaug Ingrid (1915-) 11
Marianne (1955-) 9
Margit (1899-1944) 2
Marta (Østensen) 2
Rasmus (Capt.) 2

Aslak (1972-) 13
Hilde (Jangaard) (1946-) 10
Ingrid (1977-) 10
Kurt 10
Maria (Hendrikes) 13
Sandra (1996-) 13

Marta 2
Anne (Trogstad) (1962-) 12
Bernhard (1906-1984) 7
Birgit (Thorsen) (1908-1987) 7
Björn (1959-) 12
Börge Michael Jangaard (1962-) 13
Ingeborg Jangaard (1964-) 13
Ingrid (Jangaard) (1932-) 7
Ingrid Sofie (1995-) 13
Max Spange (1988-) 13
Odd (1931-) 7
Turid Jangaard (1964-) 7
Wenche Elizabeth (Spange) (1956-) 13

Ellen Karine (1928-1992) 5
Sissel 9
Andrea Jangaard (1993-) 10
Emil Jangaard (1995-) 10
Espen Jangaard (1992-) 10
Inger (Jangaard) (1948-) 10
Tommy 10

Aase (1922-) 5
Diana Elaine (1949-) 8
Janey Sylvia (1950-) 8
Karen (1957-) 9
Laurie Ann (1955-) 9

Amanda (Helseth) (1922-) 4
Bergljot (1922-) 5
Gjermund (1986-) 9
Helge (1955-) 4
Jan Tore (1948-) 9
Kari (1952-) 9
Kathinka (1981-) 9
Lois Jean (Moir) (1922-) 4
Peter Christian (1919-) 4
Selma Johanne (Jangaard) (1891-1989) 2
Sissel (Rabben) 9
Thorleif (1920-1983) 4
Thorvald (1888-1970) 2
Tor Amund (1982-) 9

Borghild (1899-1975) 2
Ingeborg (Slenes) (1872-1910) 2
Ivar (1859-1930) 2

Anne Karine (Jangaard) (1965-) 10
Karoline Jangaard (1987-) 10
Nils Jørgen (1966-) 10
Simon Jangaard (1989-) 10

Elizabeth (1936-) 12
Ingeborg (1872-1910) 2
Tone Martha (1967-) 8
Wenche Elizabeth (1956-) 13
Brian Andrew (1983-) 9
Erik Kristian (1981-) 9
Lanna Amber (1979-) 9
Larry 9
Laurie Ann (Rosberg) (1955-) 9

Astrid (Jangaard) (1953-) 5
Georg 5

Donna Louise (Murray) (1940-) 12
Krista (Dr.) (1962-) 12
Thomas Roderick (1935-) 12

Konrad Ole (1917-1986) 11
Selma Olga (Wick) (1918-) 11
Turid (1945-) 11

Gunvor Cecilie (Akselsen) (1920-1989) 11
Kirsti Jangaard (Loe) (1950-) 11
Øivind (1946-) 11
Pål (1974-) 11
Pia (1979-) 11
Ragnar Anker (1918-) 11

Diana Elaine (Rosberg) (1949-) 8
Kristen Raquel (1981-) 8
Robert 8

Ingeborg Jangaard (Ousland) (1964-) 13
Tom 13

Birgit (1908-1987) 7
Anne (1962-) 12
Hanna Mathilde Ousland (1990-) 12

Else Karin (1942-) 8
Åsta (1987-) 10
Fritjof 10
Idun (1990-) 10
Inger (Jangaard) (1948-) 10

Anne Margrethe (Aase) (1930-) 8
Hans (1927-) 8
Hans Christian (1963-) 8
Kari (Larsen) (1957-) 13
Øivind 13
Tone Martha (Sødahl) (1967-) 8
Tor Aase (1957-) 13

Anne Olsdatter (1858-1937) 1
Karoline Eliasdatter (1825-1911) 1

Alberta Bliss Victoria (Hancock) (1897-1981) 6
Margaret Bliss (1928-) 6
Thomas Edward (1896-1960) 6

Asbjørn Jangaard (1985-) 10
Kennet (1952-) 10
Margit (Jangaard) (1954-) 10
Solmaria Jangaard (1984-) 10

Charkey 9
Laurie Ann (Rosberg) (1955-) 9

Selma Olga (1918-) 11