Compiled by Peter M. Jangaard, Halifax, N.S. Canada, April 1997

Descendants of Kristian Severin Nilsen Jangaard(1826-1912) and Synnøve Olsdtr. Jangaard (1842-1920)

1. Kristian Severin Nilsen1 Jangaard, born 22 Sep 1826 in Nilsgarden, Giske, Sunnmøre; died 31 Oct 1912 in Valderøy; buried in Giske. He married Synnøve Olsdtr. Jangaard, born 6 Apr 1842 in Valderøy; died 5 Mar 1920 in Valderøy, daughter of Ole Mikal Jangaard and Johanne Knutsdatter Dimmesund.

Notes for Kristian Severin Nilsen Jangaard

Kristian Nilsen Giske Jangaard, the patriarch of the Jangaard family, was a fishing skipper, ships pilot and farmer. He was born on the historic island of Giske next to Valderøy; the son of Nils Sivertsen Giske (1800-1877) and Marte Kristensdtr. Giskegjerde. Nils Sivertsen (or Syversen) also known as "Store-Nils" ("Big -Nils") was born on the farm Røysa on the south side of Sula Island across from Aalesund.

As the custom was in Norway in those days, Kristian adopted the name Jangaard after having married Synnøve Jangaard and moved to the Jangaard farm on Valderøya. Kristian and Synnøve were deeded the farm after Synnøves father, Ole Mikal Jangaard died. When fishing with his father as a young man, Kristian received a commendation from the head of the Pilotage and a reward for recovering a quantity of smuggled goods they found hidden off Giske. He received his Pilots Certificate on October 5, 1860.He also participated in rescues at sea and received a silver cup from King Oscar II. Kristian was a skilled and highly esteemed pilot. In his lifetime there was a rapid development of vessels from the traditional open sail/rowboats called "otring" to covered sailing vessels and then to vessels with steam engines and later motors. This required pilots to adapt and be skilled in handling many types of vessels. For many years after he retired, vessels used to blow the ships whistle when passing his house on Jangarn. Kristian would calmly walked outside, focus his telescope on the vessel, and then wave.

Children of Kristian Severin Nilsen1 Jangaard and Synnøve Olsdtr. Jangaard were as follows:

I Peter Mikal2 Jangaard, born 9 Sep 1861 in Valderøy; died 2 Oct 1922 in Aalesund; buried in Nedre Gravlund, Aalesund. He married on 30 May 1887 in Valderøy, Anne Olsdtr. Valderhaug,born 6 Apr 1858 in Olagaren, Valderøy; died 20 Jun 1937, daughter of Ole Knudsen Lille-Nørve and Karoline Eliasdtr. Valderhaug.
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II Johanne2 Jangaard, born 20 Nov 1863 in Valderøy; died 27 Dec 1941 in Valderøy; buried in Valderøy. She married Arnt Mikal Farstad Jangaard, born 26 Sep 1860 in Farstad, Lepsøy, Sunnmøre, died 5 May 1917 in Valderøy, son of Arne Johannes Lillefylling Kassnes and Mali Mikkelsdtr. Farstad.
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III Nils2 Jangaard, born 1866 in Valderøy; died 1934 in Aalesund. He married Anna Stavset. Nils was a captain and had command of a number of vessels from full rigged sailing vessels to large cargo steamers.He also skippered the 200 foot schooner "Heim" on whaling expeditions near Svalbard in the early 1900's. In retirement he lived at the Skippers Home in Aalesund.They had no children.

IV Karen Sybilla Oline2 Jangaard, born 23 Dec 1868 in Valderøy; died 16 Jun 1961 in Valderøy; buried in Valderøy. Karen married Andreas Knutsen Gjøsundsæter, born 23 Oct 1871 in Valderøy, died 28 Jun 1946 in Valderøy, son of Knut Albrektsen Gjøsundsæter and Elisabet Martinusdtr. Sæter.

V Hans Peder Laurits2 Jangaard, born 15 May 1872 in Valderøy; died 28 Feb 1973 in Valderøy; buried 5 Mar 1973 in Valderøy Gravsted. He married 1) Anna Bertine Olsdtr. Blindheim, born 5 Jun 1871 in Blindheim, Vigra, Sunnmøre; died 13 Aug 1910 in Valderøy, daughter of Ole Peter Blindheim and Sjarlotte Oline Jonsdtr. Molnes. He married 2) Maria Bergitta Larsdtr. Skjong,born 15 Jul 1885 in Valderøy; died 1 Dec 1975 in Valderøy, daughter of Lars K. Skjong and Marta Rafaelsdtr. Giskeødegaard.
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VI Marta Petrine2 Jangaard, born 1876 in Valderøy; died 19 Sep 1966. She married Ole Hansen Sæter, born 22 Jul 1876 in Valderøy, died 6 Dec 1952 in Valderøy, son of Hans Olaus Hansen Sæter and Anna R. Hansdtr. Sæter.
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